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What's special about our
MediaMatrix Delivery System for Electronic Textbooks? Everything! MediaMatrix is the world's most advanced artificially intelligent course delivery system for internet-based teaching and learning resources. It is an authoring and delivery environment for stand-alone textbooks offering individualized electronic texbook delivery, adaptive tutoring, quizzing and mastery certification testing.

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We Evaluate our Products. For research comparing the effectiveness of MediaMatrix to more traditional approaches to delivering content through Personalized Systems of Instruction, see Ray (2002). For MediaMatrix's effectiveness in teaching advanced generalized reading comprehension skills as well as specific course-related content with college students, see Ray & Belden (2007).

Three titles are currently available for course adoption using our
MediaMatrix delivery system:

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Ray, Belden, & Eckerman's

Learning & Conditioning Tutorials

Written especially to complement and enhance the use of
CyberRat as a laboratory simulation package, this brief 4-chapter text
offers fundamental introductions to the vocabulary and concepts of both
phylogenic and ontogenic behavior, operant and respondent conditioning,
as well as major cognitive contributions to the conditioning literature.

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